Thanks to the materials used, robust and soft at the same time, and to its particular structure, the degree of tolerability of this harness is very high. The Adventure harness is very well adjustable, easily adapts to different body types and is the ideal solution for growing dogs. Adventure is stable and light in movement, distributes the weight well in traction and can be used without having to lift the legs.

The large and soft contact surface placed on the chest is designed to adapt even to dogs with narrower chests. Its innovative structure provides that the straps pass inside the neoprene layers so as to guarantee more stability in movement and longer over time. The inside of the chest strap is lined with breathable, anti-flash and anti-torsion mesh. The 3M reflective inserts make the bib more visible in low light conditions. Inside the bib there is a writable label where you can put the telephone number to call in case of emergency.

The unique feature of this model is the presence of a quick coupling system for the Hurtta Polar LEDs, the waterproof (100 m), highly visible (3 km) and extremely resistant (100 kg) LED lights.

For this model, the size to purchase is the one that includes the exact value of the dog's chest. The value indicated on the size refers to the maximum shrinkable size of approximately 20 cm. For example the size 80 is equivalent to 60-80 cm, the 100 is equivalent to 80-100 cm etc ...