The Adventure collar features an innovative movable band that protects the dog's neck when the collar rotates. A feature introduced with the Dazzle range and immediately appreciated worldwide.

Its innovative structure provides that the straps pass inside the neoprene layers so as to guarantee more stability in movement and longer over time. The inside of the headband is lined with breathable, anti-flash and anti-torsion mesh. The 3M reflective inserts make the collar more visible in low light conditions. Inside the collar there is a writable label where you can put the telephone number to call in case of emergency.

The unique feature of this model is the presence of a quick coupling system for the Hurtta Polar Led*, the waterproof (100 m), very high visibility (3 km) and extremely resistant (100 kg) led lights.

A large collar set all the way down is safer and more comfortable than a small one set wide open.
It is therefore advisable to choose the size considering 5 cm more than the exact value of the dog's neck.
If your dog's neck is 35cm, use a 35-45 set low instead of a 25-35 wide open.

The size indicates the maximum circumference of the collar. It can be tightened by an additional 10 cm. Example: collar 35 neck circumference from 25 to 35 cm.

Notes: hand washable