Code Vanitose

Long lasting dog snacks. Made with real, NATURALLY harvested deer antlers!! No deer is mistreated!! The horns are harvested during the seasonal turnover.

Only antlers (antlers) of wild deer are used.

The advantages:

- 100% natural
- Rich in natural minerals
- Useful for body and teeth
- Durable, low odor, excellent palatability
- 100% made in Austria

The use of the half horn is recommended for the first few times. Then you can switch to the internal horn which is more durable!

Cut it Weight of the dog Stingray
XS less than 8kg Toy
St 8 - 15kg beagles
m 15 - 25kg Border Collies
L 25 - 35kg Golden Retrievers
XL 35 - 45kg German Shepherd
XXL Over 45kg Cowherd